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Supporting systems of an agricultural commercial glass greenhouse


Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that is covered by glass. Glass greenhouse have beautiful appearance, good pervious to light, good display effect, long life, and some other advantages. Glass greenhouse is one better choice for customers whose location have low illumination, geothermal energy, and power station waste heat.

Hot sale agricultural commercial glass greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made of glass in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. The greenhouse is high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The greenhouse is filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth.

Different techniques are then used to evaluate the optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse micro-climate (i.e., air temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure deficit) in order to reduce production risk prior to cultivation of a specific crop.

Supporting systems of an agricultural commercial glass greenhouse

Outside Shading System:
The main function of the system is to cool and shade in the summer so that the sunlight diffuses into the greenhouse to ensure that the crop is protected from the glare of the sun. Because it blocks a large amount of light, it effectively reduces the accumulation of heat inside the greenhouse, which generally reduces the greenhouse temperature by 4 °C to 6 °C.

Inside Shading and Insulation System:
When the inside shading net is closed, two separate spaces are formed in the greenhouse, which can effectively prevent the formation of mist and dripping in the greenhouse. In the winter and night, the inside shading net can effectively prevent the heat inside the greenhouse from overflowing through radiation or heat exchange, thus reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse operating costs.

Cooling system:
Cooling pad + Exhaust fans: The cooling is achieved by the principle of evaporation and cooling of water. The special wet cooling pad can ensure that the water evenly wets the entire wet curtain wall. When the air penetrates the wet curtain medium, it exchanges heat with the water vapor on the surface of the wet medium to achieve humidification and cooling of the air.

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