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Technical characteristics of tractor mounted garlic sowing machine


Tractor mounted garlic sowing machine adopts on-demand and conical spiral seed tube technology. The size of the cone hole can ensure that the garlic cloves enter the soil and the scale buds will not tilt upward. The structure size of the conical spiral seed tube determines the direction of the garlic cloves into the soil uprate. The structure size and center of gravity of garlic cloves are about one-third of the total length of the large roots. The faster the falling speed and spinning speed of the garlic cloves in the conical spiral seed tube, the higher the upturning rate of the garlic cloves into the soil.

Tractor mounted garlic sowing machine can be widely used in the large-scale and mechanized sowing of garlic in the central, eastern, northern, western plains and hilly areas. It can be used alone and powered. By successfully turning around the garlic, it can achieve one-time wide-range continuous seeding. It can realize the scale and mechanization of garlic planting.

Tractor mounted garlic sowing machine is composed of seedbox, conveyor, flat groover, groove opener, cone wheel, drive chain, gear, grounding wheel, bracket, and traction frame. Support is arranged behind the traction frame, a seedbox is arranged on the support, a grounding wheel is arranged under the support, and the grounding wheel is coaxially arranged with gears. A conveyor is arranged under the seedbox, and a ditch opener is arranged under the conveyor. A cone wheel is arranged on one side of the seedbox. The axle of the cone wheel passes through the box and is connected to the conveyor. The cone wheel is connected with the conveyor through a transmission chain. Connected with gears. A leveling device is arranged directly behind the opener, and the leveling device is used to bury the sowed garlic seeds. When in use, the garlic seeds are placed in the seedbox, the power device drives the garlic planter to walk, the grounding wheel drives the gear to rotate, the cone wheel and the gear rotate synchronously under the action of the transmission chain, and the cone wheel drives the conveyor to transport the garlic seeds, Planting garlic seeds. The utility model has a simple structure and convenient use and can improve labor efficiency and planting quality.

Technical characteristics of tractor mounted garlic sowing machine

1. Quickly adjust the sowing direction of garlic with the garlic head facing up, so that the root of the garlic is facing down and the head is facing up.
2. Precise point seeding and efficient operation can improve seeding efficiency and realize the mechanization of garlic seeding.
3. It adopts independent power or is used in conjunction with small and medium agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers, with low cost, simple structure, and convenient large-scale operation.
4. The effective and reasonable configuration of Tractor mounted garlic sowing machine ensures a stable, reliable, and efficient operation process.
5. Quickly adjust the direction of the garlic head so that the garlic head faces upward to ensure the survival rate of planting.
6. Intermittent and continuous precision spotting to ensure planting row spacing and spotting frequency.
7. The density of planting and the uniformity coefficient of planting.

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