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Technical points of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics


Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is deep-flow hydroponics, which consists of a plating tank, a planting plate or a planting basket, a reservoir, and a circulating fluid supply system. It has a deep nutrient solution layer and the plants are suspended by the planting plate or planting basket. Above the nutrient solution level, and the root system extends from the planting plate or the planting net basket into the nutrient solution. Using DFT hydroponic technology for strawberry cultivation has the following advantages.

Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is a soilless cultivation mode, so there are no problems such as continuous cropping and continuous cropping. Because it is hydroponics, there are no problems such as non-recyclable substrates and limited resources, and the total amount of DFT hydroponic nutrient solution is large, and the composition and concentration are stable. Short-term water and power outages or equipment failures have no effect on crop growth. Convenience. The root system is partially exposed in the air and partially immersed in the nutrient solution layer, which can better solve the water-gas contradiction. The facility is easy to construct, durable, and less investment in subsequent production materials. The nutrient utilization rate is high, up to 90% to 95%. DFT is generally more than 2 layers, which can significantly improve space utilization. It can reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases. In traditional soil culture, although the surface is covered with mulch, the fruit is too close to the ground and is easily contaminated by bacteria and soil. DFT hydroponics can effectively solve this problem. DFT hydroponics can effectively shorten the growth period of strawberries, 4 to 5 leaves can be planted, and it can be harvested in about 70 days, which can achieve early listing and increase profit.

Facility structure of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics

Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics consists of 4 parts, namely the planting tank, the planting plate, the storage tank, and the circulation system. The biggest difference between DFT and NFT is that the depth of the nutrient solution water layer is different, the depth of DFT can reach 5–10 cm and the roots of the plant can be completely immersed in the nutrient solution. In addition, DFT’s circulatory system can also supplement oxygen to the nutrient solution. The system can better solve the passive and difficult situation caused by the power failure of the NFT device and the failure of the water pump. The nutrient solution layer is deep and the cultivation can be maintained normally.

Technical points of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics

1. Planting tank treatment. For new or replacement cultivation, the storage tank, seed value tank, planting plate, and circulation system must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite solution containing 0.3%-0.5% available chlorine can be used for disinfection. The gravel and the planting cup are soaked in disinfectant for 1d. Planting plate, seed value tank, liquid storage tank, circulation pipe, pool cover Wait for it to be moistened with disinfectant and keep it for more than 30 minutes. After disinfection, rinse with clean water until use.

2. Cultivation management. In the early stage of seedling planting, the root system does not stick out of the cup. Raise the liquid level to make it immerse the bottom of the cup by 1-2 cm, and leave 3-4 cm away from the bottom of the planting plate. Space can not only ensure water absorption and fertilizer but also have a good ventilation environment. . When the root system expands out of the bottom of the cup and enters the nutrient solution, lower the liquid level so that the root neck of the plant is exposed to the liquid level to solve the problem of ventilation.


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