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The character and main features of the solar photovoltaic greenhouse


The solar photovoltaic greenhouse is a kind of greenhouse with a strong structure, beautiful appearance, and long lifetime. The mainframe adopts hot galvanized steel to enhance the stability of the greenhouse, which consists of a herringbone beam, Venlo type roof, gutter, main column, auxiliary column, girt, connected by screws, bolts, or suitable connectors. The cover material is adopted the polycarbonate sheet, which is light but durable. The two sides and roof usually install the side window system to ensure the ventilation of the greenhouse.

The solar photovoltaic greenhouse is solar photovoltaic electric power generation, intelligent temperature control, modem high-technology plant as union new greenhouse.lt adopts steel skeleton, surface cover solar photovoltaic components, ensure illumination requirements and lighting requirements, and directly support greenhouse agriculture equipment formal run, drive water source irrigation, at the same time solve in winner greenhouse supply warm demand, improve greenhouse temperature, let crops fast grow.
Photovoltaic item is a sightseeing agriculture and facilities gardening organic products combination, it sets photovoltaic power generation, agriculture sightseeing, agriculture corps, agriculture technology, landscape, and culture developing as one new agriculture production.

The character of solar photovoltaic greenhouse

1. Long work life with high quality material.
2. Easy to install and maintain, high insulation performance.
3. Good Natural Ventilation performance.
4. Economical, modern appearance, stable structure.
5. Lowe investment and low running cost.
6. Application: Scientific research, cultivating, and seedling of flowers and vegetables.

Main features of the solar photovoltaic greenhouse

1. Simple structure, easy installation, and maintenance.
2. Inner large room, convenient operation, easy to construct, and accessible to remove.
3. Accessories rust-resisting, strong ability to resist the snow and wind as the whole.
4. High transmission rate, great heat-retaining property, and hermetic ability.
5. Glass cover, good light transmission, nice, modern, and specialized agricultural production.


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