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The main configuration of polycarbonate greenhouse with black-out system


A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse) is a structure with walls and roof made mainly of transparent material, such as polycarbonate sheet, in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown.

Polycarbonate greenhouse with black-out system cover material compared to other cover materials, polycarbonate hollow plate (PC plate) has good daylighting, warming, lightweight, high strength, prevent dewing, impact-resistant. It has many advantages such as only melt but no expending, good heat resistance at high temperature, won’t fracture or break during installation or use process, strong adaptability, and security. In short, this plate is economic and durable. In particular, the southern slope of the plate is covered with an anti UV coating and the inside of it has a resistant function, which can provide an anti-aging performance of more than 10 years. The greenhouse which is covered by this kind of material has a longer service life, modern appearance, steady structure, fluent visual, effective heat preservation, the low operating cost in winter.

The Advantages of polycarbonate greenhouse with black-out system

There are actually several benefits to transforming your polycarbonate greenhouse with black-out system into one that is solar-powered. Here they are for you to take a look at:
1. It lessens your carbon footprint and environmental impact on the planet
2. You can save money on heating your greenhouse and keep it at an optimal temperature. Usually, this is around 30-40% of your bill
3. It can actually lead to better-tasting fruits and vegetables throughout the year due to the natural source of energy
4. Helps you to build and maintain a consistently warm temperature and does not add heat to the area
5. They can be quite easy to install
6. If you select transparent solar panels, then they could actually work out cheaper than conventional ones
7. They can aid in cooling if designed and installed correctly
8. Anyone can use and operate the system as it is incredibly easy to learn
9. Requires little to no maintenance

The main configuration of polycarbonate greenhouse with black-out system

Around polycarbonate greenhouse with black-out system, the outer and inner shading system is configured, as well as the forced draught fan cooling system, drainage system, dew picking up system, rolling benches, and electronic controlling system. The controlling system of this kind of greenhouse is centralized electric hand control.



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