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The main structure of commercial multi-span glass greenhouse


Commercial multi-span glass greenhouse tent adopts hot-galvanized steel frame, the covering material commonly used 4-5mm high-quality float glass or tempered glass, double glazing:4+6+4mm,5+6+5mm. Light transmittance greater than 90%, but also can choose the covering material according to customer requirements, the top of the greenhouse, and surrounded by glass fixed special aluminum.

The Commercial multi-span glass greenhouse system mainly includes an outer sunshade system, inner sunshade, and warming system, cooling system, heating system, compensating light system, ventilation system, control system, drainage system,auto-control system,ect.

Commercial multi-span glass greenhouse is an upgrade greenhouse, actually is a kind of super-large greenhouse. It connects independent single greenhouse together by means of scientific methods, reasonable design, excellent material. A multi-span greenhouse can make full use of space, realize large-scale machinery or automation control, save the surrounding material, reduce the cost.

According to the different application, can choose different covering material, it can be polycarbonate greenhouse, glass greenhouse, film greenhouse, etc. Based on the land characteristics, can design different size and height. The commercial multi-span glass greenhouse has been widely used in vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, ecological restaurant, agriculture sightseeing, etc.

The main structure of commercial multi-span glass greenhouse
1. High-quality steel structure and long service life: main steel material is all hot-dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.
2. Prefabricated structure.
Commercial multi-span glass greenhouse all the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantee the optimal performance of anti-corrosion
3. Extruding film has the function of dustproof and anti-dripping; UV block treatment
4. Side ventilation (optional): Natural Ventilation on two sides, manually Controlled. Insect net is available.

Advantage of a commercial multi-span glass greenhouse
1.Solve the contradiction between greenhouse heat preservation and light transmission.
2.Good insulation in winter. ★Unique glass sealing structure,completely solve the problem of roof leakage.
3.The glass greenhouse can realize fully automatic control. Heating system (heating fan or hot water heating), shading screen system, fog or water curtain cooling system, CO2 supplement system, lighting system, spray and drip irrigation and fertilization system, Computer integrated control system, roof sprinkler system and so on can be provided.

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