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The outstanding performance of ventilation equipment


The ventilation equipment exhaust fan is also called a negative pressure exhaust fan. It’s an axial fan. Mainly used for ventilation and temperature cooling. It is more economical ventilation and cooling products. It has a simple structure, easy to maintenance, large air volume, easy to install, etc.
It’s widely used in factories, greenhouse, poultry farms, livestock farms, etc.

Ventilation equipment is widely used in Agriculture and industrial ventilation and cooling. It is mainly used for animal husbandry, poultry house, livestock breeding, greenhouse, factory workshop, textile, etc.
A. Suitable for high temperature or odorous workshop: such as heat treatment plant, casting factory, plastic factory, aluminum mill, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating factory, printing and dyeing factory, Various chemical factories.
B. Suitable for labor-intensive enterprises: such as clothing factories, various assembly workshops, Internet cafes,
C. Gardening greenhouses, ventilation cooling, livestock pasture cooling.
D. Especially suitable for the need to cool down and need a certain amount of humidity. Such as cotton mills, woolen mills, hemp mills, weaving mills, chemical fiber factories, through the factory, bomb factory, knitting factory, silk weaving factory, socks factory, and other textile mills.
E. Suitable for storage and logistics field.

Advantages of ventilation equipment

The Fan with Compact structure.
The impeller will do by dynamic balancing tests. It greatly improves the stability of the impeller operation and reduces vibration and noise.
The Fan with advantages of small volume, lightweight, angle adjustable, and convenient for installation and maintenance.
Transportation gas temperature at -20℃ ~ 200℃.
The fan performance is tested by the airway or AMCA both available, the fan performance data is true and reliable.
Fan Material is optional according to your need.
Customization is acceptable.

The outstanding performance of ventilation equipment

1. The optimal design and construction made by CAD/CAM, with high full pressure, big air volume, low noise, little energy-lost, stable running and being well for ages; The louver with pleasing shape can open and closed automatically, having dust-proof and waterproof; with its double-function: cool breeze blowing and air draft, it is the best cooling and ventilating product for factories, etc.
2. 6 blades design is for increasing airflow owing to the blade is made of intensified resins vane or aluminum vane.
3. The motor enjoys high efficiency and energy-saving which makes it possible to work easily under the high-pressure surrounding。

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