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The performance advantage of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester


As one of the main crops in my country and even in the world, corn harvesting is the heaviest in the entire production process from sowing, field management, and harvesting. According to the development progress of agricultural mechanization, there is an urgent need for a corn ear that can be harvested and chopped. Corn harvester with straw. The knapsack corn automatic corn harvester developed and developed by our factory in accordance with the wishes of the majority of farmers’ friends has been favored by the majority of farmers’ friends as soon as it was put on the market.

Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester is mainly composed of ear picking device, conveying device, storage device, hydraulic lifter, etc. During operation, the corn harvester advances along the direction of the corn ridge. While picking the ears, the cutting knife cuts off the corn stalks and smashes them back into the field. The ears enter the bin through the conveyor to complete the whole harvesting process. The separation of power is when the driver operates the hydraulic lifting system of the tractor. After lifting the main engine up to the position where it is staying, the two B-shaped V-belts will stop rotating and cut off the power input of the diesel engine to achieve power separation. The conveyor belt will stop rotating, otherwise, it will be in a working rotating state.

It has a secondary recovery effect on the loss of fruit particles and reduces the loss rate of particles. Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester can effectively guarantee the harvest of mature corn ears (with moisture content less than 25%), and the parts and working mechanism of the harvester can ensure stable and high-quality harvesting operations. Corn picker: Clamp the corn stalk, pull it into the roller, remove the corn ear, send it to the screw conveyor, and convey it to the conveyor belt. Crush the corn stalks with a cutting-crushing device and throw them back into the field. Front conveyor belt: send the ears of corn to the peeling machine. Peeling machine: The wind blows out lighter debris. With the help of a peeling roller and a pressing device, the outer skin (corn ear skin) on the ear of corn is removed. Conveyor belt: Send the ear of corn after peeling to the barn. Corn ear husk conveyor belt: the corn ear husk is returned to the field, and the corn kernels that fall off during the peeling are screened and sent to the kernel box. Fruit ear warehouse: store corn ears and unload them into transportation. Chassis: adopt hydraulic transmission method, which can achieve continuously variable speed. Cab: spacious cab, equipped with ventilation equipment, co-pilot seat, wide field of vision, The detection and control device realizes a systematic configuration, making it easier to operate the harvester.

The performance advantage of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester

1. It can not only harvest corn ears but also chop corn stalks to achieve the purpose of returning straw to the field.
2. The corn harvester is energy-saving, it only needs a single-cylinder tractor with more than 18 horsepower to run easily.
3. This model is multi-purpose, light, and flexible.
4. The unit is used in conjunction with a small tractor, and the tractor can be used for other tasks when the unit is removed.
5. High work efficiency, 3-5 mu per hour can be collected.
6. The design is simple and reasonable, easy to overhaul.

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