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The role of greenhouse sunshade net


The growth of everything depends on the sun, and the increase in temperature inside the greenhouse is also due to the solar radiation inside the sun. The primary function of the sunshade net is to block rainy light from entering the greenhouse and reduce the temperature in the greenhouse. The use of the greenhouse shading net with the fan water curtain forced ventilation cooling system can easily achieve the effect of the temperature within 30 degrees in the north. At the same time, the greenhouse sunshade net is also a cooling method with low energy consumption. Greenhouses are affected by the greenhouse effect in summer, and the temperature in the greenhouse can be as high as 40 degrees in summer, which hinders the growth and development of crops, and shading is an important solution to the problem of cooling in summer. Today we will introduce the role of greenhouse sunshade net.

The role of greenhouse sunshade net

1. The external shading system improves the environment in the greenhouse by adjusting the intensity of light. When the greenhouse is exposed to strong sunlight, use shading nets with shading effect to prevent most of the sunlight from directly irradiating the greenhouse, so as to prevent crops from being burned by the strong light.

2. The main function of the Greenhouse sunshade net system is to reduce the temperature by shading and avoiding light. The external shading can effectively reduce the temperature of the greenhouse by five to eight degrees.

3. The shading system can meet the needs of different crops for light by selecting shading nets with different shading rates.

4. It can resist ultraviolet rays, rain and protect the top of the greenhouse.

5. After opening the external shading, it can effectively reduce the transpiration of the crops in the greenhouse, thereby protecting the humidity in the greenhouse and reducing the number of irrigation.

6. The high-strength external shading net can also play a role in preventing hail.

The above is the function of the greenhouse sunshade net. It should be noted that when the external shading is installed, it is generally more than 50 cm above the roof of the greenhouse. According to the requirements of the cultivated crops, choose the shading rate of the external shading net, and choose not to fall off the line and to resist wind. , Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and other characteristics of the sunshade net.

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