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Tunnel Greenhouse

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
5000 Square Meters 500-999 Square Meters CN¥70.81
Port: Qingdao,tianjin,lianyungang
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: Single-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Dimension: 10-100m
Weight: 3-8m
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Agriculture, commerce, garden, sightseeing

Basic Info.

The tunnel greenhouse is made of long arched sleeves. The material arm length is long, and it is not resistant to snow pressure or typhoon. The same material is not ideal for firmness. According to the principle of triangular stability, the material is processed into a short-distance line material of only about 1-2 meters to improve the compressive, tensile, and flexural strength of the material, and then the triangular structure method is used to weave into a net-shaped circle arch.

This method of tunnel greenhouse can solve the problem of large span and height. That is, the span of the greenhouse can be at least doubled by using the triangular component method. The height can also be increased from 2-3 meters of the original ordinary greenhouse to 4-6 meters. The original span of 6-8 meters, 2.6 meters high, improved to 8-12 meters, 4-6 meters high. So that the openness of the greenhouse is increased, easy to operate, and three-dimensional design. This kind of greenhouse can use galvanized pipes or wooden strips, which greatly reduces the requirements for material strength. The practicality and universality are greatly improved.

Structure of tunnel greenhouse

1. Basic civil engineering
A strip foundation is used around the greenhouse, and concrete is poured (according to the local frozen soil depth, the foundation burial depth should not be less than 1.5 meters below ground, the foundation should be above the bearing layer, and the depth of the bearing layer should refer to the local geological survey report). Style foundation, 0.5 meters high brick wall skirt is used around the greenhouse, cement mortar plastering is applied, and the water is 0.5 meters wide.

2. The main skeleton of the greenhouse:
The framework of the tunnel greenhouse body is a light steel structure, made of quality galvanized steel pipes and steel plates, and it has been living normally for 20 years.

3. Anti-drip system (anti-condensation system)
Condensation inside the tunnel greenhouse is currently a common problem. Ludi has varying degrees of impact on the use of greenhouses, and more importantly, it directly affects the quality and yield of indoor crops. Anti-condensation has become one of the current standards for measuring the performance of greenhouses.

4. All sewers are “numbered” with a collection of leak-proof grooves in the greenhouse. The design of the greenhouse body is equipped with an anti-drip system. The material formed by the collection tank covers the surface and the dewdrops flow into the collection tank and are guided to the designated location. The dew collection box is installed under the rain trough. This design has a wide cross-section, high strength, beautiful appearance, long life, and is not easy to deform, so it can collect all the advantages of the roof component dew.


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