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Use skills of corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller


Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller add corn ears to the feeding hopper with a forklift and push them into the threshing chamber by augers. Under the squeezing action of the rotating spikes (tooth blocks) and the front concave plate, the kernels are peeled from the corn cob. According to the removal rate, the intaglio gap can be adjusted, and it can also be interchanged with spikes and tooth blocks. Part of the grains and small debris fall onto the cleaning sieve through the holes covered with the concave plate. The large corn cobs and corn husks and the remaining kernels are pushed in and separated by gravure squeezing. The sieved corn cobs and husks enter the core exhaust fan and are discharged. The surplus that is larger than the grain is sifted out by the one-layer sieve and the two-layer sieve. The small corn kernels fall into the three-layer sieve, and the kernels and a small part of the impurities fall from the three-layer sieve to the secondary sieve. There is an exhaust suction port here to suck most of the debris away, and there is another drop from the secondary tail screen to the tail screen. The equipment is also equipped with a suction port to discharge impurities, and then from the selection screen into the lifting cylinder, there is also a suction port to discharge impurities. The multi-stage selection of corn kernels enters the elevator and is lifted by the bucket before loading to complete the whole threshing process.

Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller to ensure the normal feeding and conveying of corn cobs, the machine is designed with a unique working mechanism. The feeding device is composed of a worm, three sets of worm wheels with opposite directions, roller support, a shaft, a special-shaped rubber roller, and a plastic toothed roller. The thresher machine starts, the rubber rollers and plastic rollers with thick at both ends and tapered in the middle rotate. At this time, the corn cobs are fed, and the rubber rollers clamp them and transport them forward to the cutter. After the corn cobs are cut by the rotating plastic roller Hold transport to the waste box. In order to adapt to the feeding and conveying of corn cobs of different diameters, a tension spring is installed on the drum, which can make the drum move at an appropriate angle.

Feature description of corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller

1. Complete functions, small size, lightweight, dust-free, high removal rate, low crushing rate, safety and reliability, convenient movement, simple operation, and long service life.
2. The use of negative pressure dust removal technology and closed threshing can make the dust and sundries generated in the corn threshing process, through the dust removal port, and the general dust removal bag to discharge. Thus, the working environment is improved and the health of the staff is guaranteed.
3. Reasonably improving the structure of the threshing barrel not only improves the production efficiency but also applies to corn with a large amount of moisture and a corn harvester that has a small number of corn husks.
4. Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller The foreign matter discharge sieve set in the lower part of the conveying trough can separate and discharge foreign matter such as ice, snow, sand, and so on before entering the separation chamber to reduce the impurity content in the grain.
5. The grading screening and the dust removal structure of the negative pressure air separator can separate the broken husks, broken grains, and sundries and improve the cleanliness of the grains.

Use skills of corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller

1. Flatten the four feet of the equipment to ensure stability and firmness. To reduce vibration.
2. If the motor is used as power, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, tightly wrapped, and grounded.
3. Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller Feed the corn cob continuously and evenly, and the feeding amount should be appropriate. Such as intermittent feeding, will affect the production efficiency, too much feeding will cause the machine to jam and overload operation, which will result in the burning of the motor and damage to the equipment.
4. The water content of the corn cobs to be threshed shall not exceed 20%, and the water content is too high to achieve the normal threshing effect.
5. Before the end of the work, the input corn cobs are completely removed and discharged, and then the machine will stop at no load. It is forbidden to stop with the load.

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