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Working parts of single row and double row potato planter


Tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter, also called potato planter, sweet potato planter, is a planter that uses a seeding system to plant massive seeds in an orderly manner underground. The potato planter can plant root crops such as potatoes and can be used with tractors of 30-100 horsepower or more. It integrates ditching, fertilization, seeding and soil covering, and can complete fertilization and seeding operations at one time.

According to market demand, our company has developed a new tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter. The machine is mainly composed of ground wheels, racks, rotary tillage, ditching, seed metering, seedboxes, fertilizer boxes, medicine boxes, mulching, etc. It is composed of multiple parts, which truly realizes multiple functions of one machine. The machine is connected to the rear end of the tractor by the hydraulic suspension device of the tractor. During operation, the tractor pulls the machine forward, and the ground wheel on the machine completes the seed metering through variable speed. At the same time, the fertilizer discharging device also discharges an appropriate amount of fertilizer in the ditch, and the soil is covered by the cover to complete the whole operation procedure. Save labor, complete seedling emergence, keep moisture, increase temperature, good shape of a potato, high yield, large and early market.

Plastic film mulching has the following effects: One is to increase the ground temperature and improve the soil environment of the cultivated layer. Plastic film mulching can make full use of solar energy and store light and heat in the soil. Experiments have shown that the mulching film can increase the surface temperature by 0.4-7.3℃, and the depth of 10cm underground by 0.9-5.0℃. This effect can meet the temperature requirements for seed potato germination and root growth and can promote the rapid growth and extension of plant vegetative organs. The growth period is conducive to potato formation. Planting potatoes in high-altitude humid areas has significant effects on raising the ground temperature, improving heat conditions, promoting normal maturity, and increasing yield.

Tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter can adjust the depth, row spacing, and plant spacing according to the agronomic planting requirements of different regions. Set sowing and spreading fertilizer in one. In areas that need ridged planting, ridged planting can be done according to the needs of farmers, and multiple combinations can be made according to the power of the tractor. The production efficiency is 5-8 mu per hour.

Tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter has a rack, seedbox, fertilizer box, seed guide tube, ditching plow, soil covering plow, tractor rear three-point suspension, ground wheel, spray tank, film covering roller, etc. Parts composition. Before the tractor is driven to work, the machine is put down and then hung, the height of the machine is adjusted, and the distance between the two ditch plows is adjusted according to the requirements of the planting process. Tighten the frame bolts. By adjusting the tractor’s three-point suspension central rod, the planting depth can be adjusted. As the carrier of the seed metering mechanism and the fertilizing mechanism, the ditch plow is used in conjunction with a four-wheel tractor to drive the ground wheel as the power source for fertilizing and seeding. Ditching, fertilization, seeding, soil covering, and other operations can be completed at one time. The main working parts include a ditch plow, a seed metering mechanism, and an adjustable fertilizing box.

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